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Creativity and Innovation (6)  : 40.0%
Engineering Technology (8)  : 53.3%
Recycling Art (0)  : 0.0%
Robotic (1)  : 6.7%
Total: 15


Hari Ini : 9
Kemarin : 37
Bulan Ini : 720
Total Views : 19352

I+ACEH 2016

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List award of I+Aceh 2017
17-02-2017 09:21:59

I+Aceh 2017 will offer amedal & certificate for every team.Beside, the committe alsoprovide the spesial award & grand awardfor the best invention.Each team will have a great opportunity to get one or more of the special award and the grand award. Special Award : Green Technology Research Exposition (GTReX) Award, CEGeoGTech i-ENVEX Special Award, UniMAP Indonesian Invention & Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) Romanian Inventor Forum ... Selengkapnya

Smart and Accurate Contest
16-02-2017 17:15:25

Learn with Fun In attaining the quality of education, the involvement of all factions either government or private agency is required, as well as university. In this implementation of international exhibition “I+ACEH” which is routinely held by Ubudiyah University of Indonesia, we get involved in educating the generation by holding “Smart and Accurate Contest” which is specically addressed for senior high school students ... Selengkapnya

Entrepreneur Festival
16-02-2017 17:13:53

“Entrepreneur Festival of Ubudiyah University of Indonesia 2017“ Innovation Entrepreneur Day section at I+ Aceh 2017 is open to various group of people, such as university students, lecturers, high school students even from general public who have innovative products which are unique and attractive. This event can help entrepreneurs in the publication that can be known by a wide range of people. PRODUCT CATEGORIES Culinary product (Food and ... Selengkapnya

I+ACEH 2017
04-02-2017 15:14:22

3rd I+ Aceh 2017 is an international exhibition of innovation which is routinely held by Ubudiyah University of Indonesia annually. The rst event had been successfully implemented in 2015 with 109 teams had participated from Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, USA, South Korea, Thailand and Bangladesh. The categories of competition were divided into; Recycling Art Competition, Creativity and Innovation Competition, Robotic Competition, and Engineering Technology ... Selengkapnya

Interesting Places

Sabang beach of aceh
The Aceh Tsunami Museum
The Baiturrahman Grand Mosque
Aceh Shopping Center

Sabang Islands