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Creativity and Innovation (6)  : 40.0%
Engineering Technology (8)  : 53.3%
Recycling Art (0)  : 0.0%
Robotic (1)  : 6.7%
Total: 15


Hari Ini : 9
Kemarin : 37
Bulan Ini : 720
Total Views : 19352

I+ACEH 2016

Visit Aceh

Community Center

| 15-01-2015   09:07:46 WIB

Event Community Center is for people who come from the Local Public Aceh region. It displayed are all things pertaining to the uniqueness of a particular komonitas, for example komonitas jade, rare items and unique, certain clothes, or other uniqueness of a komonitas. The purpose of this event is to introduce to visitors on a work or unique objects so that these objects continue to be preserved as well in order to commodities of these items can flourish and not be lost, at least in this event were able to show what is owned by a komonitas particular to the general public.