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Creativity and Innovation (6)  : 40.0%
Engineering Technology (8)  : 53.3%
Recycling Art (0)  : 0.0%
Robotic (1)  : 6.7%
Total: 15


Hari Ini : 9
Kemarin : 37
Bulan Ini : 720
Total Views : 19352

I+ACEH 2016

Visit Aceh

Technology Platform

| 15-01-2015   09:15:10 WIB

This forum is an unique platform that combines creativity and technology owned by the students of  Universitas ubudiyah Indonesia as well as other participant from all backgrounds. It will collaborate all aspects of technology to become a smart, fun and innovative product. the purpose of this forum is to increase the enthusiasm of visitors in simple games which promote advanced technology. This forum is designed as a playgorund for the introduction of innovation and technology exhibition.